Easy steps in MLA Citing


The ever so dreadful thought of citing your sources..
 Much like the ever so famous Kim Kardashian “ugly crying face”.. this is how I feel in the inside when having just the though of have to cite my sources.


What do I do with my hand? Where do I begin? What format do I use? Can I get away will bull-crapping it? Will the teacher actually know that I got this information off of the website but didn’t cite it? How do I cite it when half of the citing information is missing? Can I pay someone to do this for me? If I don’t do it right, will it be counted as plagiarism?
^^^ These are a few of the many questions that go threw my mind when thinking about the process of citing my sources.

Once I calm my inner Kim Kardashian down, I come to realize that citing your sources does not have to be all that bad. A few steps in preparing yourself for citing your sources include:

1. Choose your documentation style.. If your smart enough to just use the easy one.. Choose MLA style…aka Modern Language Association.
2. Most of the time, your document should be:

  1. 1-inch margins all around
  2. 2.0 line height (double-spaced)
  3. no extra spacing after paragraphs
  4. 12-point typeface (usually Times New Roman
  5. Title should be centered
  6. should have headings on each page with name and page number

3. Your works cited page(at the end of your document) should be titled Works Cited and centered.
4.It depends what media you use(book, web, article etc.) to actually cite the source correctly..for the sake of my Eng 104 class, I will give ho to cite a periodical, which may include, journals, magazines, and newspapers.
         A. Start with the author– last name-followed by a comma, then the first name and middle initial(if provided).
        B. then give the article title in quotations, with a period inside the quotation.
        C. Then give the periodical title–italicized

         D. then after that, give the volume number or issue number.

          E. Then include the date of publication–for journals give the year in parenthesis, followed by a colon. For magazines and newspapers, don’t use parenthesis..because they are usually weekly,and you just used the day, month, and year without parenthesis.

         F. After that, include the page numbers.–afterwards put a period.

        G. Put Print. ..or Web.. if you got it from the internet. –followed by a period.
        H. Then, put the date of access at the end.

These may seen like a lot of steps and work..which..ya.. it can be a lot of work…. but if you follow the guidelines of the steps it should be smooth sailing. An example of a final result of MLA formating is…
   “Blueprint Lays Out Clear Path for Climate Action.” Environmental Defense Fund. Environmental Defense Fund, 8 May 2007. Web. 24 May 2009.

Last remark.. When having multiple sources to cite, make sure to put them in alphabetical order!!

I hope this helps clear things up and makes you feel more confident about citing your papers..and hope that after reading this you went from…..Image



I got most of my info. from the Bedford researche & http://jerz.setonhill.edu/writing/academic1/mla-style-papers/


6 thoughts on “Easy steps in MLA Citing

  1. I totally agree with this! Citing sources can be a pain and if you don’t do cite them correctly then you will get in trouble for plagiarizing. This is probably one of my biggest problems when it comes to writing papers! I think it would be helpful if our teacher would explain what good citing is and what bad citing is before our paper is due so we can fix it! But i feel just like Timon when I turn my papers in because I’m worried I cited something wrong and then could possibly get kicked out of the university.

  2. I can relate the the Kim Kardashian ugly crying face, I like how you incorporated the pictures into your blog post while also making the post inform us about something. Sometimes that’s hard to do, I enjoyed reading this and I’ll probably end up using it at some point in the near future 😉

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